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About Me

My name is Annalisa.
I will be graduating May 21st with an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences and I will be transferring to Suny Oneonta in the fall to be a Dietetics major! I'm so excited!

This is my first attempt at food blogging. I'm not much of a writer and I'm pretty bad at English.

Everyone has a story.

I use to be 40 lbs overweight, since about 4th grade. I weighed about 180 lbs! After going to a doctor, she discussed with me how worried she was about my weight and told me I should do something about it. About a year and a half ago I decided to lose weight and really stick to it, not to be thin but to be HEALTHY.. to live a long and HEALTHY life. I can't stress enough how much it wasn't about the looks. I now weigh 140 lbs and avoid temptations MOST of the time (indulging sometimes is healthy!). I'm not stick thin, but I am HEALTHY.

Since losing 40 lbs it has made me change my way of thinking.
I never could decide what I wanted to do career wise, until I lost all of this weight and decided I want to contribute to society.
I want to show every girl that is overweight just like me that they can do it and I believe in them! As cheesy as this sounds..I guess you could say becoming a R.D is my calling, I have never been so sure about something in my whole life then I do now.

This is me now,
On the left is my older brother Andrew, Erik (family friend), John my little brother, and ME.  My  brothers truley are the closest people to me and my family means everything.  Aside from loving to eat healthy and jog on a regular.. I LOVE to spend time with my family!

Some random things about me:

-I love to run, but only AFTER its over. Sometimes it takes me HOURS of contemplating on weather to run or not that I finally agree on it.

-Peanut butter is my favorite food. I COULD LIVE OFF IT!!

-I loveee squash,iced coffee, hikes and family.
I want to sky dive reallyyy bad, and i love all colors in the rainbow! My favorite season is fall, and I'm a low maintenance kinda gal, jeans and a t-shirt are what I live in!

Any questions feel free to email me :)


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